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Our Products

Concrete Paver/Flyash/Solid Block Making Machine

New Model: PMM 300

For Producing Products of Unparallel Quality at the Heart of the PMM 300 is its unique Vibration and Hydraulic Compaction Machine.  

Twin High Speed Vibrator Compaction with Hydraulic Vibro System/PLC Control/ 10 Cavity

(Subject to design) Easy Mould Changeable.

Concrete Paver/Fly Ash/Solid Blocks Making Machine. Model:PMM300. 

 Power Details
Main Hydraulic Motor 15 H.P. / 11.05 KW
Vibrator Motor 20 H.P. / 15 KW 
Pallet Pusher Hydraulic Motor  5 H.P. 
Heat Exchanger 1 H.P. 
Chain Roll Out Conveyor  1 H.P. 
Hopper Vibrator Motor  0.5 H.P. ( 1/2 H.P.) 
Weight of the Machine  3000 Kg ( 3 Tons ) 
Dimension 2500 x 6000 x 2438 
Mixer Details
Pan Mixer  500 Capacity 20 H.P. Blade Type 
Conveyor System  3 H.P. 23 Feet Long Power 
Automatic Stacker System 7 H.P.
Color/Cement/Sand Face Layer Grinding Machine 10 H.P.

Additional Requirements to run the machine:

Pallet Size 800 x 750 x 20mm : 1000 No`s.

Hydraulic Oil : 450 Liters.

Gear Oil : 20 Liters.

Shed Size : 50` x 70` (Minimum)

Labour Required : 10.

Raw Material : Stone Chips, Cement, Sand, Chemical.

* Machine Design Specifications Subject to Change without notice for Improvement.