Concrete Paver/Flyash/Solid Block Making Machine

Machine Model: BMM 600 HV


Automatic Concrete Pavers/Fly Ash Bricks/Block Making Machine

Machine Model No: BMM 600 HV

Dimension? Height with Cylinder 500mm + Width 1600mm Length with Pallet Feeding Rack?
Main Body? Fabricated with Side Plates and 100 x 100 x 6 Square Pipe??
Pressing Holding Plate? 1300 x 650 x 60mm?
Mould Holding Vibro Load Plate? 800 x 650 x 60mm?
Maximum Product Height? 225mm?
Vibrating Table? 1200 x 900 x 500mm. Manufactured with Heavy plate interlocked to avoid cracking
Hydraulic Vibrator Motor? RPM: 4500. Pressure: 150kgcm2. CC-140/minute. Extra attachment Bearing House "V" Pulley to Belt drive
Working Pressure 40 to 60 BAR for Mould Casting only?
Chain Conveyor for Roller Pallet? Length: 2285 x 700 x 600mm. Rolled by chain fitted with 1 H.P. Motor and Gear Box?
Cycle Time??? 35 seconds for Solid Blocks?
Power Pack? High Pressure and Low Pressure Double Twin Pump. Pressure Handling Capacity: 280 BAR??
Control Panel??? Fully PLC Controlled. Manual/Semi/Fully Automatic mode with production memory and fault alarm. Dust proof Dash board buttons with Touch Screen?
Feeding Box Agitator? Used for loosening the mix in the Feeder Box to ensure smooth mould filling. Eccentrically twin shaft movement. 3 H.P. Motor and Gear Box Drive.?
Cylinder Tubes? Imported Hone Tubes: 15mm wall thickness matching International standards??
Hopper? Capacity: 500kg. 1400 x 100 x 1000mm Plate with 1/2 H.P. Vibrator Motor?
Pan Mixer 500 Kg Capacity 2 no`s. Fitted with 20 H.P. Motor and V-9 Branded Gear Box with Pneumatic Door?

Automatic Pallet Handling System

Length?? 2500mm?
Width? 1400mm?
Height? 3058mm?
Drive? 1 H.P. Motor. RPM:1440. Gear Box Belt Drive?
Lifting? 2 H.P. Rack with Gear Box Belt Drive UFD Control. Fully PLC Controlled. Synchronized with main Machine Panel Control.??
Hydraulic Manual Stacker? Heavy Channel Fabricated. 3 Pneumatic wheel Drive operated. Manual Hand Pump 400kg Load Capacity and 500kg in weight, for internal use only?
Total Weight of Pan Mixers? 2 Tons?
Wheel Barrows? Sheet Metal Fabricated Body: 2 no`s. Pneumatic wheels. Loading Capacity: 150kg and Weight: 35kg?

BMH 600HV is one of the most demanding plant and it has gained reputation for producing products of Unparallel quality.

At the Heart of the BMH 6HV is its unique Vibration and Hydraulic Compaction, this results in better compaction and more consistent aggregate dispersion as well as reducing fatigue on the Mould and Machine.