Automatic Concrete Bricks Machine


Concrete Bricks Machine

Offering you a complete choice of products which include Fully Automatic Concrete Bricks Machine.

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Concrete Bricks Technology is based on the principle of densification of a lean concrete mix to make a regular shaped, uniform, high performance masonry unit. Concrete Block Technology can be easily adapted to suit special needs of users by modifying design parameters such as mix proportion, water/cement ratio and type of production system

Better compaction ensured through eccentric weight vibration for consolidation of concrete.

Suitable for casting common concrete bricks and different size hollow bricks.

Benny Industries Concrete bricks machine Product Details
Brick Type Solid
Material Concrete
Capacity? 2000-2500 Blocks per hour
Usage/Application Brick Making
Method Hydraulic Pressure
Automation Grade Fully Automatic

High Density Solid/Hollow Brick Machine Model HDBM-860.


Hydraulic Pump 3 H.P.?
Vibrator Motor 3 H.P.?
R.P.M. 2800
Propulsion 0.5 H.P?
Amplitude Adjustable  
Drive Worm reduction Gear Box and Chain through Front Wheel.?
?Moulding Area 800 x 600mm.??
?Mould Dimensions 2000 x 1500 x 2000.?
Block Sizes

4": 400 x 200 x 100.

6": 400 x 200 x 150.

8" : 400 x 200 x 200.

Double Vibrator System.

Concrete Brick Machine Model: HDBM - 1060


Total Power 8.5 H.P.?
Hydraulic Pump 5 H.P.?
Vibrator Motor 3 H.P.?
R.P.M. 6000?
Drive Motor? .5 H.P.?
Amplitude Adjustable  
Operating Pressure? 160 kg/cm2?
Drive? Gear Box Chain Front Drive?
Moulding Area? 1000 x 600 mm.?
Weight? 1050 Kg (approx) without Mould??
Dimensions? 2000 x 1700 x 2000 mm.?
Block Sizes?

4" : 400 x 200 x 100

6" : 400 x 200 x 150

8" : 400 x 200 x 200.?

Double Vibrator System.

Concrete Hollow Solid Bricks Machine


We are a leading manufacturer and exporter of High Density Concrete Hollow Solid Bricks Making Machine which are available in two models.

Hollow Brick Making Machines that are treasured among the clients for smooth performance and durable standards.

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